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Managing Allegations of Abuse (HR Procedure) (2 hours)

Dates and Venues 

Wednesday 7 May 2025 9.30 am – 11.30 am, Newburn Activity Centre 



Understanding and following effective safeguarding practices and procedures is a key responsibility of all staff in school and part of providing a safe environment in which pupils/students can learn. Allegations of abuse towards a pupil/student by a staff member can arise in an education setting and it is important that these are dealt with correctly, following the relevant procedure.

This session is aimed at both teaching and support staff to raise awareness and understanding of the process to be followed when dealing with an allegation of abuse and to increase confidence in providing appropriate support.

Course outline

The session will cover:

· Definitions of concerns which meet the harm threshold and low level concerns.

· Statutory requirements and best practice for managing allegations of abuse again members of staff

· When to contact the Local Authority Designated Officer (LAD) and their role in the process

· The role of the police during an allegation

· What a strategy meeting involves and the role of school staff in this

· Considerations around if the staff member the allegation is against should remain in their role and any suspension decision

· Supporting those involved when an allegation is raised

· How to undertake an effective, timely investigation into the allegation, including who to appoint as the investigating officer

· The definitions to be used for the outcome of the investigation

· How to take forward unsubstantiated, unfounded, false or malicious allegations

· Confidentiality and data protection

· Dealing with resignations and settlement agreements arising during the process