Effective, Professional, Reliable HR Support

Whatever the size of your organisation, debbiejuddhr offers a flexible HR service adapted to your needs.


The Core Package

Helpline (Telephone and Email) For Generalist HR Advice and Support

A direct helpline is available from an assigned CIPD qualified, Account Manager to Headteachers, Governors/Trustees, senior leaders and school/academy staff who have a people management responsibility, or where the role of Investigating Officer, Nominated Officer, Chair of Hearing Body, Chair of Appeals Body is being undertaken.

The helpline provides advice and support on all HR related queries, including: 

  1. National and local conditions of service (Burgundy Book, Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Document, Teachers Conditions of Service, Green Book, Orange Book, Soul) including contracts of employment, continuous service, annual leave, term time working, sick pay schemes, TLR’s, notice periods.

  2. The interpretation and application of employment law in order to ensure compliance.

  3. Statutory regulations concerning employment in school:  School Staffing (England) Regulations 2009, School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Document, the HR implications of Keeping Children Safe in Education, Newly Qualified Teachers.

  4. HR policies and procedures

  5. Adapting and applying model policies to meet individual school/academy needs.

  6. Proposed school structure reviews.

  7. Completing documentation for referring employees to Occupational Health and advising on recommendations and adjustments arising from medical reports.

  8. Disciplinary, capability, sickness absence and grievance cases.  Early intervention with effective HR advice has been proven to prevent the escalation of informal issues to the requirement for formal action.

  9. Performance management and appraisal issues for both teachers and support staff, including the process for moving from appraisal to formal capability and from informal action to formal action, and the setting of SMART objectives.

  10. Formal Hearing and appeals processes where individual cases are under formal investigation and/or proceeding to hearings and appeals.

  11. The employment implications where safeguarding allegations have been made against school/academy employees or volunteers.

  12. Redundancy process and procedure.

  13. TUPE process, including where this is relating to an academisation proposal.

  14. The employment implications of school/academy closure/re-organisation proposals.

  15. Criminal convictions regarding an applicant’s suitability to work with children.

  16. Converter and sponsored academisation process.

  • Telephone queries can be confirmed in writing, at the request of the client.

Policies, Procedures and Other Resources – the debbiejuddhr Client Resource Centre 

  1. The debbiejuddhr Client Resource comprises a suite of HR policies, procedures, guidance and supporting documentation which comply with employment legislation, HR best practice and teacher and support staff terms and conditions of employment (Teachers’ Pay and Conditions of Service, Burgundy book, Green book, Orange book), with regular updates.  The policies includes:  (i) an annual draft pay policy which will outline any changes contained within the annual Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Document; and an (ii) an annual draft appraisal policy, which schools and academies may adapt or adopt to meet individual organisational needs. The supporting documentation includes: standard letters, checklists, scripts for difficult meetings, performance management and appraisal documentation for support staff and teachers, and recruitment documentation which complies with the principles of Safer Recruitment.

  2. Guidance provided on the implications for schools and academies when adapting or adopting draft policies and procedures to meet individual organisational needs.


  • For clients who have signed up to the Core Package we:
  1. Place recruitment advertisements on a local job website(s) provided by debbiejuddhr’s preferred supplier(s).  This is currently North East Jobs.

  2. Provide a bespoke application form for each school/academy.

  3. Provide access to current recruitment documents through our Client Resource Centre.  These documents are regularly updated in line with Keeping Children Safe in Education and employment law.

  4. Provide access to the DBS service through debbiejuddhr’s preferred supplier, currently NEREO.  This is a PAYGO service and invoices will be sent directly from the supplier, with a discounted admin fee to the school/academy.

  5. All recruitment is inline with Keeping Children Safe in Education

Information Forum and Updates 

  1. Our information forum is an interactive area for us to share regular updates and information with our clients and for our clients to discuss and share information with us and also colleagues.
  2. Newsletter – including statutory and legislative updates which affect the Education sector and employment Law updates.
  3. Policy, procedure and standard documentation updates

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) – Learning and Development Events

  1. Learning and development, on a range of HR topics, through the debbiejuddhr HR Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme provided using e learning resources located within the debbiejuddhr Resource Centre.

  2. Reduced rates for delegate places on debbiejuddhr learning and development events.

  3. The provision of HR induction for new headteachers, senior leaders, chairs of governors, HR governors and business managers.

Occupational Health – Pay As You Go

  • We work closely with a local Occupational Health provider to support the provision of effective Occupational Health advice for our clients.  Schools that purchase the Core HR Package will receive a discounted rate for accessing our Occupational Health service.   Services that are available include:
  1. Pre-employment medical questionnaire screening provided through an electronic portal and where relevant, follow up telephone and face-to-face appointments with a medical practitioner, as required.

  2. Medical referrals to an appropriate medical practitioner for a medical opinion regarding absence history, return to work or consideration of reasonable adjustments.

  3. Statutory health surveillance.

  4. Recommendations regarding applications for ill health retirement for members of the Teachers’ Pension Scheme and the Local Government Pension Scheme.

  5. Proactive wellbeing promotions and activities.

  6. Access to support from a Welfare Officer.